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valentine Cake combo  in Abu Dhabi
Heart shaped cake with rose flower box ..
valentine photo Cake combo  in Abu Dhabi
Heart shaped photo cake and 6 red roses. ..
Stylish black forest cake special in Abu Dhabi
stylish Black forest cake designed in special design, 7 Cherries arranged in circle shape. ..
Special chocolate cake in Abu Dhabi
Special design in chocolate it's very tasty among chocolate cakes.special attraction top of the r..
Eid Green Cake  in Abu Dhabi
Simple flower design it's looking yellow and greenish combination. ..
Eid Orange Cake  in Abu Dhabi
stylish Eid Mubarak cake in orange color some flowers are arranged on top of the cake. ..
Design Cake  in Abu Dhabi
stylish round cake red belt have bottom of the cake. ..
Two Tier Frozen Cake  in Abu Dhabi
Two layer Forzen design cake  suitable for kids birthday  suitable for 24+ ppl ..
Frozen Birthday Cake  in Abu Dhabi
Frozen character cake  suger fondant design  with photo character on side of the ca..
Frozen Photo cake  in Abu Dhabi
2 kg  Frozen cake with frozen character printed on top of it    ..
frozen cake in Abu Dhabi
2.5kg Frozen cake with photo on top of it .  frozen cake design loved by kids.   ..
Tom & Jerry Theme Cake  in Abu Dhabi
Tom & Jerry Theme Cake    suitable for your kids bithday  occasion  &..
AnniversaryCake in Abu Dhabi
2kg Pomergranate cream  cake with photo on it. ..
Dolphin Baby Cake in Abu Dhabi
Cake is round in shape with a dolphin in it and a photo. ..
Rose square Cake  in Abu Dhabi
It is a square shaped with aphoto at the top. ..
Book Cake in Abu Dhabi
Cake is in the shape of a book with an academic symbol and a photo is on the top and the cake is ..
Rasal cake in Abu Dhabi
rasal cake is a photocake with different photo on one cake . minimum  2kg ..
Hadis Cake in Abu Dhabi
Hadis cake is a square shaped photo cake with many photos on a single cake . ..
Round Photo  Cake in Abu Dhabi
Round shaped caramel creamed cake with photo at the center.  ..
Spider man Cake in Abu Dhabi
Chocolate cake with photo of spider man ..

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