When there’s mom, you don't need a superhero! Our mother is our best friend and the one we go to for nearly anything. They are real-life saviours and our staunchest fans. We typically don't tell her how much she means to us (however inadvertently). Now is the perfect time, with Mother's Day just around the corner! Don't keep quiet on her special day; tell her how much she means to you. What is the finest way to express your love for her? A homemade dinner should be perfect! You could take her always take her out, but making the dish at home can be a highly emotional experience. Here are some simple foods you can make at home for Mother's Day, regardless of your culinary expertise.


A pizza never fails to wow with its vibrant colours and delectable flavours! It is everyone's favourite appetizer, nutritious, flavorful, and delightful. Add chopped green, yellow, and red bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, olives, and an inordinate quantity of cheese on your pizza, along with chilli flakes and oregano.

Fried Rice

Fried Rice is a quick and easy recipe to make at home. It's full of flavour and takes less than 30 minutes to create. It can be eaten as a light lunch or paired with a main course. This recipe, which is packed with delicious vegetables and aromatic flavours, is one that your mother will undoubtedly like.

Green Salad

Green salads are the best way to start mom’s day off right. It is light, refreshing and most importantly, you can get imaginative with its combination. Bring together some basic vegetables, a pile of robust greens, and seasonings in a large bowl. Mix all of the ingredients thoroughly. Make sure your greens are torn into bite-sized pieces. Mix-ins such as pepper, nuts, fruits, herbs, cheese shavings, and other fancy items can be added.

Chocolate Cake

A soft and gooey, traditional chocolate cake will never let you down. The ideal balance of cocoa powder, chocolate chips, creamy icing, and brewed coffee, is sure to make your mother cry joyful tears. So, get in the kitchen, roll up your sleeves, and make this delectable dessert to impress your mother.

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