The advantages of corporate cakes accompanied by balloons for office events are well understood by Cake Gallery AE. Your brand may be recreated in icing, either hand-cut or printed with edible ink. Besides, they can also appear as cupcake toppers, incorporated into a fun novelty design, or printed on a giant sheet cake to be shared with a large group of people. Cake Gallery AE will create something particularly exceptional to emphasise your business in any case. Additionally, we also offer balloons, and reproduce your logo on a balloon in a variety of colours to fit your business.

In a business setting, cakes and cupcakes may be used in a variety of ways. Here are some of the advantages of corporate cakes and balloons:

Gifts to clients

If you have invited a new client to the office, then it would be great to greet your guest with a sweet cupcake. Your company's logo on the cupcakes is guaranteed to make an impact, and it's a wonderful and affordable present.

Takeovers, mergers, and acquisitions

Has one of your businesses amalgamated with another? Send a cake or better still – bunch up a few cupcakes to your new staff as an easy-to-share welcome present.

Incentives for employees

Has a member on your team surpassed their goals? Have you landed a new contract? Have they made any significant progress?

Recognizing a job well done provides your employees a sense of accomplishment and shows that their work is appreciated. Employees that are happy work harder. Corporate cakes are a low-cost gift that provides your loyal staff immediate appreciation.

Birthday and retirement presents for employees

On an employee’s special day, it's good to rejoice with the entire staff. Get every individualised employee cakes for their retirement or if it’s their birthday – order with us ahead of time and have all these sweet presents personalised with their name. We may make a unique cake for various staff festivities, such as a long-serving employee's retirement party.

For more such cakes and cupcakes ideas for your office, speak to Cake Gallery AE.