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Gift Shaped Cake in Abu Dhabi
It is in the shape of a gift pack fully  made with cream ..
Pineapple shaped  cakes in Abu Dhabi
It is made with yellow cream in the shape of a pineapple . ..
rabbit cake in Abu Dhabi
A white creamy Rabbit eating Grass ..
Net cake in Abu Dhabi
A white colour cake with golden colour chocolate ball on it feels like a net on acake ..
2 Layered White Rose Cake in Abu Dhabi
Two layered cake wqith white roses on it. ..
4-Sea Goddess Cake in Abu Dhabi
4 Shaped cake with blue cream and a sea goddess on it . ..
VENTOLIN Model in Abu Dhabi
A special shape with a white creamy background a black and blue inhailer shape on it  ..
Black and White cake in Abu Dhabi
A Black colour  chocolate cake with white cream spread on it ..
Blue Academic Cake in Abu Dhabi
Blue coloured academic cake with chocolate academic sign on the top ..
White Doll Cake in Abu Dhabi
White creamy  cake with white creamy doll on the top ..
Yellow Rose Cake in Abu Dhabi
A white creamy cake with yellow coloured Rose flower on the top ..
Choco Doll Cake in Abu Dhabi
A square chocolate cake with blue colour barbie doll on the top ..
Choco Chocolate Cake in Abu Dhabi
Three layers of double layered creamy cake with chocolate flowers at the top ..
Greenish Creamy Cake in Abu Dhabi
three layered creamy cake with flower on the top each layer of double  cream and sarrounded&..
Three layered choco white cake in Abu Dhabi
Three layered cake double cream ,chocolate and white on each layer and the butterflys are standin..
Academic Cake in Abu Dhabi
Three layered white and chocolate cream mixed cake with the academic sign with chocolate at the t..
Three Layed  Rose Cake in Abu Dhabi
Three Layered white creamy cake with red coloured rose flower o0n each layer ..
Four Layer Rose Cake in Abu Dhabi
Four layerd white cream cake with rose flower and leaves hanged on it ..
Blue Cake in Abu Dhabi
 two layered blue creamy cake each layer  is surrounded by  yellow balls and two c..
Spider man Cake in Abu Dhabi
Chocolate cake with photo of spider man ..
White Rose Cake in Abu Dhabi
white creamy cake with three layers of white roses and grean creamy leaves ..
MM Cake in Abu Dhabi
black chocolate with vanila and chocolate balls on the top ..
kiddy cake in Abu Dhabi
pink and white creamy background with white and pink flowers emberded and a kiddy on it ..
Mikey mouse cake in Abu Dhabi
This Mickey Mouse cake is decorated with whipped cream ..
angel rainbow cake in Abu Dhabi
colourfull creams with creamy toy  and lolypop ..
Toy Cake in Abu Dhabi
blue creamy cake in the shape of a toy ..
Love Cake in Abu Dhabi
Red love with layers of super-moist red velvet cake ..
lion face cake in Abu Dhabi
a dark chocolate cake  have lion face at the top ..
Car Cake in Abu Dhabi
a white car sarounded  by chocolate balls and and a creamy man is sitting near it ..
Barbie Doll Cake in Abu Dhabi
In white cream, roses are spread and the doll is seemed  to be enjoying the beauty of rose ..
Cake 33 in Abu Dhabi
cake with chocolate flowers and powdered nuts sprinkled ..
Number 6 cake in Abu Dhabi
The Number 6 Birthday cake Vanilla flavour   can serve 20 + ..
E cake  in Abu Dhabi
50% vanilla and 50%  chocolate cake Can serve up ..
fruit with chocolate cake in Abu Dhabi
 fruit with chocolate cake has layers of passion fruit mousse, sponge cake, and rich dark ch..
Dates cake in Abu Dhabi
Dates are a delicious addition to cakes. They help provide moisture and sweetness ..
strawberry cake in Abu Dhabi
Getting real fruit flavor into this strawberry layer cake took some wide-awake testing. ..
cappuccino cake in Abu Dhabi
cappuccino cake and you'll have a delicious accompaniment for your next cup of coffee at home. ..
pomegranate cakes in Abu Dhabi
pomegranate cake - a delicious and good-for-you treat, perfect for evening party, kids , holiday ..
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