International Women's Day is a worldwide commemoration of women's cultural, political, and economic achievements. It began as a movement sometime in the early twentieth-century when socialist feminist groups organised annual 'Women's Day' activities to advocate equality. The date was finally set on 8 March each year, to commemorate the day women in Russia were granted the right to vote in 1917.

The United Nations presently recognises International Women's Day as a global holiday. It is a celebration of women's accomplishments and also focus point for concerns affecting women, such as gender equality, reproductive rights, and violence against women.

Seriousness apart, it is time to celebrate the woman in you and the women in your life and show them that you care for and appreciate them. And as is natural, every celebration deserves a cake. There are some great inspirations available on our portal in terms of theme, flavour and overall decorations. When you are gifting a cake or having an event, make sure that you personalise the cake for the recipient.

The Heart-Shaped Cake

A simple, yet classic creation, the heart-shaped cake is most ideal when you have to express affection; it is also suitable for a variety of events. If you want to make this at home, make two diagonal slashes at the bottom of the cake to create the tip, then glue the semicircular offcuts onto the top with buttercream.

Personalised Photo Cakes

Photo cakes are a terrific way to personalise an International Women's Day cake – all you have to do is capture an image of your choosing and send it to us – we will put it on your cake using edible ink. Photographs of cherished memories, moments of tremendous success in their lives, or images of them enjoying their favourite activity may all be used to honour the women in your life.


Professional cake designers at Cake Gallery are highly creative bakers. They use moulded fondant icing to create beautifully designed, multi-layered celebration cakes. With piped words or beautiful cake toppers portraying women dressed as superheroes or your wife who is crushing it at her profession - you can really get creative with how you personalise your cake.

Get creative this International Women’s Day. Check with Cake Gallery AE as to how you can keep it simple and different on this day.