Cakes are regarded as the ideal way to celebrate because they remain in the vicinity of the celebrants until the cake-cutting process is completed. People pay attention to the individual who is the primary attraction at the gathering. It enables individuals to dine, sing, and play, making the setting more engaging and exciting.

In the flow, here are some of the most delicious cakes from central Europe that you must try (these are in no particular order).


A classic Polish cream cake, it is made up of two layers of pâte à choux sandwiched together by a thick layer of creamy, vanilla-flavored pastry cream. The bottom crust is occasionally changed with short crust pastry, but the top is always layered with pâte à choux. The top of the cake is uneven and when covered with powdered sugar, mimics the snow-capped Carpathian Mountains, hence the name. You can first find Karpatka’s mention in 1972 as a near relative of the kremówka, which is a mainstay in Polish pastry shops.


Cremeschnitte is a vanilla-flavored custard cream cake that is a popular and staple dessert across central and eastern Europe. It is known by a variety of names, the majority of which are derived from the German cremeschnitte and directly translate as cream slice or, in some cases, cream pie. According to Historical Sociolinguistics, the cremeschnitte's origins can be traced back to a fusion of two cuisines in the Austro-Hungarian empire. It has a polish as well – Napoleonka, which suggests that this dessert may have originated from the French mille-feuille.

Kremna rezina

Kremna rezina is a Slovenian Lake Bled specialty. It's a decadent cream cake shaped by a golden, crispy, buttery pastry base. The top of the base is layered with rich vanilla custard, whipped cream, and thin, buttery dough. Traditionally, the entire cake is sprinkled with icing sugar and served in cubes. The story of kremna rezina (or Bled cream cake) begins with the entrance of chef Itvan Lukaevi to Bled's Park Hotel, where he changed the Hungarian cream cake by adding the proper proportions of whipped cream, after which the hotel unveiled Lukaevi's invention to the public in 1953.

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