Everyone loves sweets and for those who have a sweet tooth getting an entire set of premier Arabic desserts and sweets is absolute heaven! So, indulge in sweets from the Arab world, from the kunafa to the logma – you must try them all.

Umm Ali

An Egyptian delicacy, Umm Ali is a sweet that is often found at weddings. Apparently, the ruler’s wife, a rival, ordered Umm Ali’s death and celebrated it with this dessert that was distributed all across Egypt. It is a rich combination of milk, cream and nuts along with pastry.

Halawat El Jibn

A Lebanese preparation, the halawat is amazingly cheesy and made from cream cheese or mozzarella. It is served nice and cold, topped with nuts and cherries.


Topped and rolled in date syrup and sesame seeds, logma are delicious dumplings that are crunchy and crispy. The internal is mushy (much like the lava cake) – so, when you bite into it, a whole lot of sweet liquid fills your mouth. Typically made by Bedouin women, they use deep pans to make logma in bulk – say 30 to 50 at a time.

Kunafa or Kanafeh

Made from semolina (in strands) or noodle pastry, Kanafeh is found in different forms. It is orange in colour, soaked in sugar syrup and filled with cheese on the inside. Cream or mozzarella cheese may be used for the filling. Stretchy cheese comes out at the first bite – you cannot miss the pizza feeling – only this is sweet. You can also top it with some nuts of your choice.

Roz Bel Laban or Rice Pudding

This specially prepared rice pudding is healthy and tasty – the dessert is a remedy for an upset stomach. Rice, milk, cream and sugar are mixed together with nuts and served either hot or cold. Sometimes, saffron may also be used to garnish it.

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