Choosing the perfect cake for any occasion takes a lot of devising. A stunning and delicious cake is the centre of attraction of any celebration. There are so many varieties and designs available that you are sometimes overwhelmed at what to choose.

Here are some tips as to how you can choose a designer cake for your party.

The theme of the event

Many people begin with the design or the flavour. But experts at Cake Gallery AE suggest that you should start with the theme of the event. For instance, if your child likes sea life, with fishes et al., then you can get the mermaid cake – its blue oceanic colours and flavourful fondant designs. You could have some shells and starfish embedded on the cake too. Consider all the minor specifications and, if possible, explain the likeness you have in mind.


Check your invitees' list and who could be possibly gracing the event. From here, you should be able to discuss their preferences. Since you are inviting them, you will generally be aware of their likes and dislikes. You could, therefore, choose a flavour and theme revolving around their favourites. Besides, you could also bring in some character cakes, especially if the birthday is horror-themed.

Mixing ideas is not a good thing.

There are specific designs that work on a cake. But over-excitement always gets the better of us. Stay focused and, if possible, look for a single design on a cake. Else, you will have a highly cluttered cake. You can go to a maximum of maybe three different concepts on a cake and not beyond that. For instance, get an animal cake, but overcrowding it with animals can be creepy for anyone.

Always keep the theme in mind when you are looking for a designer cake. Speak to experts at Cake Gallery AE for some of the best recommendations.