Kids are kids and when it comes to birthdays, they can be a bit extravagant but some simple ploys and our state of the art cakes can just do the trick.

1. Take your kids and their friends to a water park.

Since it's summer, a bit of beach vibe takes on everyone and what better way to satisfy that craving than to give yourself and your kids a lavish yet adventurous trip to a water park. Make your kids go wild this summer because calmness on birthdays is just a birthday went waste. And if you want a photo cake for your kid, contact us, to get the fastest delivery of summer and fruit cakes as we enlighten your kid's special day with our delicious gourmet cake satisfying any wild appetite.

2 . Throw in a birthday haul at the gaming zone.

Kids and games go hand in hand and the wild party of friends accompanying your kid might just need a restricted cage. A gaming zone can just be the optimal option from the scorching heat outside as you tag along to the party playing laser tag. Some car racing games and virtual cricket is going to set the mood of your kid as he/she may even crown you as the parent of the year. While cakes on birthdays go along, unsaid, we design the most lively custom made Kids Birthday cakes which might melt your child in his place as soon as he sets his eyes on one. Just a call and the most magnificent cake will be delivered at your doorstep in no time!

3. A Theme Party.

If your kid is an ironman fan, then sure, a marvel theme would just be the suitable one. However, if your daughter is aligned towards Cinderella, then please do not go with anything other than the Princess theme because else, your daughter might get her birthday breakdown. But for any theme, we are the one stop shop solution for the kind of cake your child desires. Comprising of one of the largest chains in Dubai, we can give you anything you ask for. Whether it's a wild jungle theme or a princess tiara, you name it, the Birthday Cake delivery in Abu Dhabi would get just in time for the wild party to commence.

4. Treasure Hunt can just up your kid's standing.

We all have searched for some kind of treasures in our childhoods and well, it is time to make your child's dream come true as you organize a treasure hunt that would sweep your kid off his feet. Build the excitement and get the prize of this amazing treasure hunt, the most delicious summer fruit cake as we guarantee, the prize would be worth your child's excitement to discover it. Too late to order the cake? Don't worry lads. We will deliver faster than your kid will reach the treasure and as much of a pirate of the bay he thinks he is, they can't beat us to our delivery game.

5. A movie might just do the trick.

Get your kid and his friends to a movie hall and get them tickets to the movie they had so long been waiting for because as much as they love a party, a movie gets together can make kids extremely joyous. A popcorn party in the interval and some drinks might just satisfy them throughout the run of the movie but leave your kid wanting more, as birthdays should not end easily. Arrange a movie-themed after-party and don't forget to call us, because we are never late for a party with Kids Birthday Cake and especially when your child had so longed to cut is right here!

Don't disappoint your children this summer as we are here to help you at every step of the way. Our cake delivery shop can make any dull affair cheery but you need to make one tiny effort, that is, to pick your phones and call us!