Besides the taste and aesthetics that form the cake, it should also be beautiful. Making a decoration is an art, and it is highly fashionable when it comes to designing a cake.

For some of the most beautifully decorated cakes, reach out to our chefs. We can customise the cake for every occasion and each embellishment will be made unique.

Just fondants can do the trick. You can make cakes decorative and make your creations unique even without using cream. However, we would like to present some of the simplest ways with which you can decorate your cake.

Chocolate decoration

If you want a highly effective concept that is simple to apply, then use chocolate. The decoration is not only popular but delicious too. It is particularly great for children’s birthdays. Individuals who want to achieve a lot in a short amount of time can use this decorative method. Melt some milk or dark chocolate and fill it into a pastry bag. Then squeeze the upper end to draw or write whatever you wish on the cake. Alternatively, melt the chocolate and drizzle it on the cake for the desired effect. You can make a single design go around the cake as well.


Fruits are the best choice when looking for something light and refreshing or adding a dash of summer to your cake. You can use several fruits to decorate your cake, from raspberries to fresh strawberries to raisins. Top your cake with any seasonal fruit and create a great theme for your party. Albeit, you must remember that the garnishing should be in the last minute if you are using fresh fruit. Wet fruit needs a little more buttercream to make it stay on top.

Icing sugar

Another brilliant idea, this is the fastest DIY decoration on the cake. You have to dust some icing sugar directly onto your cake through a sieve. Create a stencil out of a parchment paper – it could be hearts or stars; place them one after the other and sprinkle cocoa powder and icing sugar one after the other.

At Cake Gallery AE we prepare cakes according to your choice. Look into our Design Your Cake section on our portal for more.