We put a lot of thought into choosing a gift for an adult. But when it comes to kids, it is double the difficulty. It can tough choosing gifts for someone who is growing constantly in behaviour, size, and brain. We end up providing them with a variety of gifts, which they might use or not – depending on their growth pattern. Why don’t we give them creative cake gifts instead? Cake Gallery provides a range of kids cake choices at www.cakegallery.ae.

Be Safe Design

Want to teach your children the meaning of hygiene and safe distancing during these trying times? Get the ‘Be Safe’ design cake that comes decorated with a mask, soap, and hand sanitiser. All of them are edible and made with fondants that also use food colouring.

Track Car

Kids are all about cars, playing and racing. There are also toys available with race track et al. But can this be enjoyed as much as a cake? Get a 2-track cake with colourful race cars running on it. It even has a finish line.

The Train Cake

Yes! At www.cakegallery.ae it gets extremely innovative. You can actually order a wonderfully blue-coloured cake with a train on it. The cake also has tracks running through a tunnel.

Animal Cakes

There are a variety of animal cakes available on our portal. You can order the 2D or 3D variety. Get an assortment of little animals such as an elephant, a giraffe, lion, hippo and a panda too. If you wish, you could also get a little monkey and a zebra.

Bike Cake

Okay. Here’s a really unique one. Kids are invariably enchanted by vehicles, including bikes. Get this wonderful orange and black cake that is amazingly trendy and very inviting. We can also prep a 3D bike on top of the cake if desired.

Cake Gallery AE is now at a place near you in Dubai. For more information, and orders reach out to www.cakegallery.ae.