New and popular innovations in the field of baking – the cake jars. They are small, beautiful and everyone wants to lay their hands on them. Relish them in different colours, flavours and tastes. Cake jars are cakes in small-sized jars and can be extraordinarily delectable and inviting. Every time we speak of cakes, you have the image of a round cake sitting on a table. But, of course, recently, many other shapes have made their way into our hearts, breaking the monopoly of rounded forms. Cake jars come in a range of flavours, just like cakes, and you choose any one of them according to your mood.

Cake jars come with several benefits

First and foremost, these are available across all top bakeries. So, if you reach out to Cake Gallery AE, you should be able to customise one for yourself.

These come in small containers making them extremely easy to eat. For instance, you don’t have to get a big 1 kg or ½ kg cake for a minor sweet craving. Just order the cake jar in the exact flavour of your choice.

Since these come in small portions, they are highly convenient to eat, and the thick glass containers are also comfortable and let you eat even when you are on the go.

These cake jars are available in multiple flavours, and you can either choose to get them all at once or just one single jar. Thus, your craving problems can be quickly resolved even with a single cake jar.


Cake jars are affordable and beautiful. The small quantity makes it extremely easy for you to buy. In just a few bucks, you get your favourite flavour to savour.

As mentioned above, cake jars are exceptional and unique. Reach out to Cake Gallery AE to try one of them if you still haven’t. You can also ask us to customise a cake jar with different flavours and colours of cakes.