Cake Gallery AE brings cakes in a wide variety of flavours. There are specific must-try signature designs you shouldn’t miss. We accomplish express cake delivery across Dubai, UAE. Choose your favourite flavour and look for any design on our portal, and we will craft the cake precisely the way you want it. Just because the flavour of the cake changes, the design doesn’t.

Here are some new varieties of flavours that you can try whether you are looking for the best cakes for birthday or gifts for husband.

Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake

The caramel cakes are always dreamy and creamy. Add layers of chocolate and drizzle the top with caramel. You can also infuse some caramel icing and trace chocolate chips on top of the creation. The cake can be packed in a brilliant box and hand-delivered to the recipient’s delight.

The classic carrot cake

Carrot desserts can be really enticing and very personal. Gift this classic cake to your close friends and family and roll in healthy carrots with a twist. Choose between a garnish of walnuts, almonds, lemon or kirsch. The cake is exceptionally soft, retains moisture and has a dense texture, making it the consumer’s delight.

Italian Cannoli Cake

A citrus-flavoured buttercream cake, the Italian Cannoli is a buttermilk cake filled with chocolate ganache and Cannoli. It is scented with vanilla and sprinkled with dark chocolate. You can also choose a combination of orange and cinnamon glazing on the outside.

German Chocolate Cake

A traditional sweet chocolate cake, this preparation comes with distinct icing that looks more like custard. Mostly infused with pecans and coconut, evaporated milk is used to create it. It is the icing that differentiates the German Chocolate cake from the regular one.

Cake Gallery AE allows you even to design your cakes. Fill up the form on our portal for the best cakes for birthday, and we will provide you with what you wish.