Benefits of custom-made cakes

It is rather normal to have a big beautiful cake for most of the events such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and practically anything that requires a celebration. While the standard cake is certainly a delicious treat, what if these were custom-made to suit the occasion or synced with the personality of the receiver?

For instance, a child who loves spiderman, the superhero, will be thrilled to get a spiderman cake rather than regular vanilla or chocolate. Of course, the superhero cake could be according to the child’s preferred flavours.

Traditional old-fashioned cakes are well-received. But when a cake is tailor-made for a function, it becomes a gift.

Here are some fantastic benefits of customising cakes.

Makes the occasion extra special

Any occasion is special, and with some extra efforts, you can fortify its celebration. A custom-made cake is all that you need to enhance the mood. It allows guests to immerse themselves in the beauty of the creation and also shows how important the event is to you. Going further, it also means that you consider your guests extremely special.

Adds personality to an event

Customised cakes speak a lot about the personality and temperament of the event. Add a personal touch to the birthday or the wedding when you get a customised cake that makes the event significant and memorable.

Cake Gallery UAE brings creative custom-made cakes to your doorstep. You can either choose from an assortment of flavours, designs and styles available on our gallery or simply describe the way you want your cake designed. Our specialists ensure that the product is prepared exactly as preferred.


On, go to the ‘Design your cake’ section and fill in the relevant fields. After entering your name, and contact details, mention the size of the cake in weight, the filling you are looking for and if you want it to be eggless. Enter the message you wish to visualise on the cake and then click on ‘submit’. Our customer service will be in touch with you to execute the order.