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Birthday Cakes

1/2 Kiwi Cake is a1/2 part of the kiwishaped creamy cake. ..
AED 150.00
a cake with two layer and 17 is found on the peak of the cake  ,ground layer is of vanila cream and is sarrounded by chocolate balls and the second layer is of chocolate cream ..
AED 450.00
Cake is a number 1 shaped cake covered with sugar paste. ..
AED 300.00
Two layered cake wqith white roses on it. ..
AED 500.00
2 shape Cake  Car Track  on cake and cars   ..
AED 0.00
1kg Suger Fondant Cake  Mothers day Cake  order from anywhere we do delivery in Abu Dhabi , Ajman , Umm al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah , Sharjah    ..
AED 0.00
cake is letter shaped creamy cake with a beautiful train on the top. ..
AED 500.00
4 spider Man Cake is a number 4 Shaped spider creamy cake. ..
AED 450.00
4 Shaped cake with blue cream and a sea goddess on it . ..
AED 450.00
Cake is double layered each layeyer is decorated and it is covered with sugar paste and at the top number 6 is present. ..
AED 450.00
cake is in the round shape with an academic simbol at the top. ..
AED 375.00
Awesome Anniversary cake in classic white color, golden yellow and dark grey color combo this cake coming minimum 1.5kg. ..
AED 0.00
1.5kg Pomergranate  cake ..
AED 350.00
Round shaped  Cake decorated beautifully and the cake is covered with sugarpaste. ..
AED 200.00
Birthday cake designed in very different style some flowers are arranged around the cake. ..
AED 0.00
Baby Cake is a colourfull two layered cake in which colourfull ribbon at the top.Each layer is sarrounded by colour full ball s and each layer have attractive cramy toy on it. ..
AED 375.00
Baby Shower Cake is a2 layered cake at the top a bird &a baby in the nest. ..
AED 500.00
cakewith creamy barbie ..
AED 220.00
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The birthday cake has come to be a symbol of the celebration of a birthday. This is for another new year in the person's life, and the appearance of a cake became just as important as its taste.cake gallery birthday cakes in abudhabi are providing the delicious and attactive birth day cake upon choice~

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